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It feels GREAT to have returned to the studio in July.   We are practicing guidelines and we’re making it work!
I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of our amazing clients for trusting us in keeping them safe while at the same time feeling the benefits of returning to their training schedule.

So, without our clients, there would be no studio, no community and that is still the case.

We continue to offer a high standard of training but even better for you guys, we’ve increased our schedule even more.   We’ve added lots more classes for you to enjoy and we’ve reduced the numbers in our mat classes.

We continued with our education during lockdown so now, inconjunction with the Pink Ribbon Programme, we offer additional services within the area of Breast cancer Recovery.

We would love to see you joining us in the studio so get in contact and we can discuss your requirements.   The new schedule is live so click here to check out the timetable from Sept 21st.Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Sandra & The Pilates Barre Team

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